Why Choose Valor?

See Why Valor® Gutter Covers are the Leading Choice

The most efficient leaf guard solution to stop clogged gutters for good.

1. Effective Protection

With Valor® leaf guard gutter guards, clogged and dirty gutters are a thing of the past. Efficiently prevent pine needles, shingle sand and other debris from clogging your gutter for higher water flow.

  • With Valor®, your gutter cleaning days are over.
  • Constructed from stainless steel micro-mesh, pests also do not stand a chance. Effectively protect your home from wasps, mosquitoes and birds.
  • Valor gutter covers and guards are able to be installed on all gutter types.
Valor leaf guard gutter guard
Stainless Steel Micro Mesh

2. Constructed from Stainless Steel

Medical grade stainless steel is used to create the gutter guard micro mesh.

  • The woven stainless steel mesh completely protects from leaves and debris.
  • The fine mesh is able to even filter out roof sand.
  • Strong and durable, Valor® gutter guards are built to last and will protect your home for years to come.

3. Patented Design Using an “S” Curve

The cutting edge design of the Valor® gutter covers features our patented “S” curve.

  • Maximum water flow through is maintained with this patented design, allowing for the filtering of the tiniest particles.
  • Our “S” curve technology is rated #1 in the country.
  • The innovative mesh design is elevated to prevent debris from sticking to the screen.
Patented "S" Curve Technology
Leaf Guard Installation

4. Installs on All Types of Gutter

​There is no need to replace your gutters to enjoy the Valor® gutter cover technology.

  • The Valor® range is compatible with all existing gutters.
  • We will perform a full home inspection for free to ensure that your gutters are in great shape before installing the Valor® leaf guard gutter covers.
  • If your gutters need cleaning, then we will do all of that for you before installation.

5. Lasting Results

​Add value to your home while saving time each season.

  • The gutter guards made by Valor prevent dirt and debris from getting into your gutters for good.
  • The NCR Gutter Guard reviews rate Valor® gutter covers #1 since 2015.
  • Our guarantee means that if your gutter covers ever clog, we do all the cleaning for you.
Valor Gutter Covers Results
Valor Leaf Guard Gutter Covers

6. USA Made Construction

​Valor gutter covers are 100% the USA made for strength and durability.

  • From fabrication to assembly, all Valor leaf guard gutter guards are completely the USA made.
  • We also offer a 5% discount to our military customers.
  • Valor® gutter guards are made in Rocklin, California.

7. Lifetime Warranty

​We offer a lifetime, transferable warranty on performance and parts.

  • We truly value your experience, which is why we deliver peace of mind along with world class customer service.
  • We know that you will enjoy your Valor leaf guards without problems forever.
  • You can easily transfer your lifetime warranty to the new homeowner should you sell your home.
Lifetime Warranty